Creative Coding Amsterdam is a community of people interested in all creative aspects of computer programming. It is a place to meet for beginners as well as advanced users, for professionals as well as people coding just for fun. We organize informal events where you can meet up with other creative coding enthusiasts, show your work, learn about their work and create new work together on the fly. Our website collects resources that help you learn the basics of creative coding, as well as inspiring work and events to continue your journey. Have an idea, an awesome work you want to showcase, or something you miss in the creative coding community? Don't hesitate to contact us and make it happen!

Many creative coding related events in and around Amsterdam can be found in this calendar. You can add it to your own calendar if you want to stay up-to-date on them. If you organize an event but we have not found you yet, let us know and we would be happy to add you! At Creative Coding Amsterdam we also organize our own creative coding events. These informal gatherings are free and open to everyone who is interested. Whether you are a professional creative coder, code just for fun, or can not code at all but are interested in seeing the works of others, you are always welcome to join. At CCA events, we like to mix up short presentations and informally having a drink with each-other to create a relaxed but informative evening. Do not hesitate to bring your work in with you to show it of!

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